Mini-Sessions- What They’re All About

Here at Vision Photography, most of our mini-sessions occur in the Fall and Winter seasons. We refer to these as our “Walk in the Park” sessions. The term refers to what we strive to accomplish in each session- to bring families to a beautiful location and tell a story. It’s all about the emotion, interaction and the beautiful candid moments.

We offer mini-sessions and our Walk in the Park sessions each year. Many of you know and love these, but some of you may be wondering- just what exactly is a mini-session?


We decided to feature this special blog post just to fill you guys in on what our mini-sessions are all about!

Many people hear the term “mini-session” and are discouraged or may think it wouldn’t be worth their time. Don’t let the name fool you. The photo collage above gives you an idea on just how many pictures are taken within a twenty minute period. It’s truly amazing the amount of special moments and memories can be captured in such a short amount of time.


Check out a couple more collages from some of our most recent Fall and Winter minis to get a better idea of what your next session with Vision could be like.

Our November and December mini-sessions are held at Addison Oaks Tree Farm in Oakland County. It’s such a beautiful and festive location to capture great photos for the holiday season. We still have a few open spots for November 20 and December 4. Hurry and make sure you get your spot booked today!

To book a mini session for either November 20 or December 4, click here!



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